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In 1972, we opened up the Rockson guitar business in Taiwan. In 1991, we established......

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In 1972, we opened up the Rockson guitar business in Taiwan. In 1991, we established......

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About Rockson


In 1972, we exploited the guitar business in Taiwan with brand Rockson by company name YEOU CHERN INTERNATIONAL CORP & ROCKSON MUSICAL INTERNATIONAL CORP.

In 1989, we start seeking offshore migration of business activities in China.

In 1991 we are the first foreign-owned company who start produce guitars in China, located in Huiyang City, Guangdong. We also do OEM for ARIA, DEAN, EPIPHONE, FENDER, GIBSON, IBANEZ, WASHBURN, etc. for many years.

In 2010, we have expanded new factory which located at Dongguan Changping, Guangdong of China already.

In 2012, in complying with business growth, we have another new brand CSandona.

Founded in



professional focus



Annual output value of guitars


Ten thousand

In 2016, we are the first musical instrument factory located in HanZhong City, ShanXi (near Xian) due to shortage of workers situation getting serious in Guangdong.

It took 8 months to complete factory since Groundbreaking Ceremony in SEP, 2016. Construction area of 5200 square meters, with 3 million investments, annual output value is 5 million. Starting with production of acoustic guitar, classical guitar and ukulele with monthly production 10,000pcs.

In 2019, we start new production line of electric guitar in ShanXi factory (near Xian) after running acoustic guitar, classical guitar and ukulele smoothly for 3 years.

The new high-tech equipment we installed includes 3 automatic CNC machines, body polisher, fingerboard scale cutting machine, 4 electrostatic spraying machines and a UV dryer, and we are constantly updating the latest machines, such as automatic sandpaper machines, in pursuit of excellence Quality.

Our products include Guitars, Ukuleles, Banjos, Percussions, String instruments, Electronic musical instruments, Tuners, Bags, Straps and etc. We mainly exported to the United States, Russia, Germany, France and other European and American countries.

Please believe that we always do our best efforts to supply good service and establish a long- term relationship of cooperation with our customers. Looking forward to having good business opportunity to cooperate with you.


Every guitar produced by ROCKSON is a work of ingenuity. Every step from wood selection and treatment, guitar body design, paint spraying and polishing is very rigorous. Just to achieve accurate sound quality, beautiful timbre, so that you can bring you a good mood every time you play.

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